Amazing Indoor Water Feature Ideas

Water features are typically associated with outdoor gardens, adding a serene stream to lush natural areas. But you can also get that feeling of relaxation inside the house with a characteristic of the water inside.

The uses of the water features at home are endless, from small accent pieces to bulkheads. Read on to learn how and where to use the indoor water features. You could be inspired to use these unusual features in your own home.

Get a zen atmosphere

Zen style is one of the most classic house styles for indoor water. With Zen, all that is natural helps create the soothing and relaxing feeling that defines the Zen style. The water features can be used to form indoor meditation pools or to complement an indoor Zen garden. You can use the features of the water to create peace in unusual spaces, such as the previously unused area under the stairs of the photo above.

Fill in the unused space

Earlier we talked about the fact that water features can use unused spaces, but that does not mean they have to go unnoticed. The fountain above shows how water features can be designed specifically for the space they occupy. The narrow design of the water feature makes it ideal for use under stairs, without compromising visual interest – just look at the rocks of the shining river.

It is not because this particular water feature is located under the stairs that it is not part of the whole space. It works well as an accent in a dining room, creating a mood for diners.

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