Create a Grand Entrance With Your Entryway

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Whatever the style of your home, when people come – and go through – your front door, you want to impress them. Fortunately, it’s not as difficult as you think. By following these entry tips, you can create this “wow” effect whenever someone visits your home.

Light up this

Another tip is to add more light. “Outdoor lighting is a chance to showcase your home’s architecture while making the main entrance safer and more inviting,” says DiClerico. “Take advantage of existing wiring not to pay an electrician to run new lines”. This should allow you to install wall- or ceiling-mounted units for as little as $ 100, according to HomeAdvisor’s True Cost Guide.

Color considerations

The front door is the first step, but not the last one, so you should also consider what’s behind it. Again, painting is an important consideration. “Since entering a house can be very busy, finishing the eggshell is a wise choice,” says Andrea Magno, Benjamin Moore’s color and design specialist.

As for the actual colors, she says you need to consider how your input color will enter adjacent rooms. “The choice of colors must be coordinated with each piece, which makes neutrals very popular for this type of space.”

However, neutrality does not mean that it has to be boring. “Some sensible choices that fall into the neutral category (but are far from boring!) Are Revere Pewter, Edgecomb Gray, Balboa Mist or Manchester Tan,” she says. “Also, do not rule out the use of White Opulence or Simply White in the entrance, as this will create a bright, fresh look that can be enhanced with accents through furniture, rugs, accessories or fabrics. .

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