Creative Ways to Use Greenery in the Kitchen

If you like the outdoors indoors, then you’ll love the way modern kitchens integrate greenery. Vertical interior gardens have been popular in small spaces for a while. They allow you to grow fresh herbs directly in the kitchen, whether you have a large outdoor area or not. You can opt for a life-size green wall or you can keep it more subtly and opt for a creative placement of potted plants. If you want a natural atmosphere, here are some ways to use greenery in the kitchen.

Vertical garden backsplash

This highly creative design gives an exotic look to a minimalist and modern kitchen. The effect is created with a window splash that looks into a vertical garden. This style works particularly well when you combine a wide range of different plant textures to create striking contrasts.

What really makes this design work is that the vertical garden is surrounded by such a minimalist kitchen space. Light colors and minimal textures help the vertical garden become the focal point of space. If you are having trouble having a vertical garden visible in the kitchen, this should steal the show.

Suspended potted plants

If you want to keep your kitchen space a little more conventional, try potted plants for more greenery. The picture above shows how suspended potted plants can improve a kitchen space. They give a feeling of earth, natural and slightly rustic, as if you were a herbalist living in a wooden cottage. As such, this style works well for the country, rustic, natural and other bucolic looks.

In addition to hanging potted plants, you can also try placing them on the counters to add cohesion to the space. The picture above also shows how certain diagrams of the life of classic plants can contribute to the naturalistic sensation.

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