Design Mistakes You’re Probably Making With Your House Plans

Skipping Storage

Hey, it’s understandable that you’re more excited about the master bathroom of your dreams than you are a linen closet. But do not underestimate the power of closets in the design of your home. Not only will they increase the resale value of your home, but they will also help you keep your centerpieces cleaner and better organized. Consider storage as the backdrop for your dream design and you’ll have a better idea of where closets, cabinets and compartments will be useful.

Ignoring Secondary Bedrooms

As for the design of the house, the master bedrooms are certainly one of the most exciting pieces to create. You probably want an oasis of zen where you can relax and really love your home. But do not spend too much time designing the master bedroom as you completely forget the secondary rooms. If these rooms are too small, if they are poorly designed or if they are far from the bathrooms, they could affect your way of living at home. Give a little love to the secondary rooms and you will love your place even more.

Putting the Plan Before the Land

It is permissible to look around and see what plans and layouts you prefer, but designing your dream home before you buy it could hurt you. Things like the size of the lot and the view could upset your plan, resulting in a complete redesign. Save time and wait until you start designing until you’ve chosen your lot and know how to position, size and plan your home.


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