Ideas for Creating a Contemporary Landscape

If you ever want to be confused, take a look at all the different definitions of what constitutes contemporary design. Interior designer Leah Rourke, at Relish Interiors, gives one of the best definitions: “Contemporary design refers to what is popular or used right now. change from year to year. It currently contains neutral colors, minimalism, texture contrast and curved lines. You can learn more about contemporary design here. If you like this style, read on to learn how to apply it outdoors in a contemporary landscape.

Contrasting textures in the contemporary landscape

Contrasting textures are a hallmark of contemporary design for the moment. You may notice that when shopping malls, new apartment complexes or outdoor shopping malls are built in your area, there always seems to be a facade with boldly contrasting textures, like a metal cladding with elements in it. wood.

You can take this idea and put it in your contemporary landscape. The picture above shows how a design combined a naturally knotted and textured wood with a geometric metal entrance. He fuses rustic sensitizations and industrial metal into a unique aesthetic. Dark gravel and low plant density also help keep the space more modern.

Light / neutral colors

Another aspect of contemporary design is the light, neutral color. You may feel that light colors make an outdoor space too sterile. However, the space on the photo above says the opposite. The immaculate white planters enliven the area, while the fence in the background extends the brightness.

The wooden seats and the plant life counterbalance the brightness by giving this area a lot of natural texture and life. They complement the space by providing a contrast and visual interest.

Contemporary Landscape Small Patio

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