Stylish Ways to Use Polka-Dot Designs

Do you think peas are just clown costumes? Think again! Peas can be a great way to add color and geometry to a room’s design. There are as many ways to use them as room styles. Bold, subtle, large-scale or muted designs, walls or upholstery: the possibilities are endless. Take a look below for inspiration to get you started. You may just be planning a room with nice dotted patterns in the future.

Drawings with metallic dots

Another way to use polka dots is to switch to metal. Metals, especially gold, mimic sophistication. They also combine well with neutral and light colors. Neutrals help pop gold to become the main focus of space. The result is a chic and updated look that allows you to use peas in a modern way.

The above design also shows that you can be creative with where you place your peas. Do not feel limited to the walls; here they stand out on the vaulted ceiling.

Dot corner

Another idea is to isolate a group of peas in one part of the room. A trick to make them look more artistic is to bring them closer and further apart as they approach the ceiling. This makes them appear to disperse in space. It’s a truly creative design that adds depth to the room.

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